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How can I receive an estimate?

We provide estimates over the phone, by email, through our website and on-site visits. Our on-site visits are most accurate and will have the most definitive price. Other methods of estimate will provide you with a rough estimate that may change upon our visit to your home.


How much does an estimate cost?

Our estimates are always, unconditionally free. We can provide an estimate over the phone, or email. More accurate & detailed estimates will require an on-site visit. Our goal is to provide the most accurate estimates for you, in some cases there may be a need for an estimate adjustment depending on dirtiness and/or extra work required.


Who provides cleaning supplies and equipment?

The choice is yours. Our staff are outfitted with all the necessary supplies and equipment. We realize that most customers already have cleaning supplies & basic cleaning equipment (vacuum, broom, mop, etc) in their home. We will work with you to create a personalised cleaning for your home. Have a specific product you'd like us to use? No problem.


How do you get into my residence if I am not home?

Most of our customers are not at home when we come to clean. We will make personal and confidential arrangements with you on how to gain access to your home. If we are unable to gain access to your home on a regularly scheduled cleaning, we must charge a  fee £25 to compensate our housekeepers for loss of time and driving expenses.


How do you protect my keys?

Many of our customers prefer to make arrangements with us to keep their spare key with us. If you choose to do so, your key is secured in a locked key storage which can be accessed only by the manager. The key is issued to the team leader on the day of your cleaning. At the end of the day the team leader returns the key back to the manager, who then places key back into key storage. All keys are organised in a numeric system and have no connection to your private information or address.


How many people will clean my home?

Our staff works in teams of two or alone, depending on the size of your home. If you have any specific requests please don't hesitate to contact us about it.


What if my cleaning is scheduled on a holiday?

We believe that holidays should be days off for our staff to enjoy the holiday and spend time with their family and  friends. We will contact you in a timely manner to reschedule your appointment.


What time will the maid be at my home?

We normally work  7 days a week starting at a time that is beneficial for you. You can schedule a cleaning and we will do our best to accommodate you for that time.


Do we have to sign a contract of any kind?

No. We do not require you to sign any contract with us. The only thing we ask is that if you must cancel a regularly scheduled appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before the cleaning. Our housekeepers are paid for each home they clean - a cancellation without enough notice directly affects their income.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact page at the bottom of the website. We try to respond within 24 hours, but usually you will receive a response within a few hours.